Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Announced: Sound Addiction: Blues in Space and Night Regulation


Blues in Space

Blues In Space is both all and nothing you might think. Often chaotic and always an intense musical experience. Led by New York City based cellist, Rubin Kodheli, Blues in Space is quickly rising for the fore-front of a new avant-rock movement.

Night Regulation

"Night Regulation" explores the rhythms and rituals of nocturnal urban life. A collection of close-knit New York musicians will present material that has developed over a number of years on the recordings of Miles Okazaki, Dan Weiss, Ohad Talmor, and Christof Knoche. Music is presented to accompany the strange goings-on in the city at night; animals in gatherings or on the hunt, trance states and disorientation, hallucinations and dreams.

More information here.

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