Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Funny Man" Sam Osterhout Discusses Radio Happy Hour with Ephman

Radio Happy Hour creator and "funny man" Sam Osterhout sat down with Ephman to discuss all things Radio Happy Hour, including a sneak peak into the August 8 episode with Andrew WK. You don't want to miss this...or that show. (Here's my sneak peak: Radio Happy Hour will apparently be channeling The Breakfast Club for August. WTF. Sounds funny.)

From Ephman:

"Sam Osterhout is one lucky fellow. He has this awesome radio show (with all the man made sound effects you can think of), that doesn't get played on the radio.... go figure. It's quickly gaining "cult following" status. You can find episodes on iTunes, or you can visit the Radio Happy Hour website. Totally worth checking out..."

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