Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tortoise at LPR: Review and Pictures

This review from a blog called stare out sleepily completely bummed me out, because I missed this Tortoise show here last week:

"Ok then, just getting up and need to recuperate my mind after having had it erased and reformatted by Tortoise last night at Le Poisson Rouge. Had just a brilliant time... Holy Fucking Shit. Holy Fucking Cockroach Stomping Jesus and Muhammad in front of a throng of transfixed Jainists. That might seem like a pretty horrific way of illustrating my point, and if you know anything about Tortoise you know that they get into some of the funkiest most alien rhythms as well as some of the prettiest melodies as much if not more than they get "heavy". But that's the point, they're heavy dudes from the first note to long after the last, and seeing and hearing them live not more than 20 ft away from you is an altogether more intense experience than 99.9% of any other active bands out there now."

What a great review!

And how about this from nyctaper:

"Post-rock pioneers Tortoise are back with a vengeance. Their June 2009 release Beacons of Ancestorship is easily their most powerful album since 2001’s Standard. The recent reports from the 2009 shows have been glowing, and on Tuesday night at Le Poisson Rouge, those reports were confirmed and more. Tortoise performed a stunning seventeen songs, including an unheard-of two encore segments of five total songs. The set consisted primarily of Beacons material with a nice selection of older material towards the end of the set.

We seriously acknowledge the continued excellent [sic] of Le Poisson Rouge as a venue. Their diverse and eclectic artist bookings continue to impress, and their sound system has continued to improve in quality."

And here are some pics courtesy of Frank M. Siringo (see more here):

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